Tania Bou Samra's Portfolio



Karnib (Final Year Project at AUB)

Karnib is more than just a small shop that sells handmade preserves or “Mouneh” in Arabic. It is a sustainable business that represents the rich diversity of the Lebanese villages and individual rural producers. Its mission is to make these preserved food products readily accessible and affordable to urban dwellers, while retaining the personal aspect of their production. The aim of the project is to design a dynamic brand and space where the identity, packaging, and retail design work together as a system to represent a product’s traceability to its producer and area of provenance – therefore increasing the customer’s trust and desire for local handmade products.

Karnib is a fruit that comes from the family of squash. In the past, it used to be dried naturally, then cut in half to be used as a container or a utensil for food. This idea inspired the use of parallel lines as a graphic elements to refer to the idea of cutting or slicing. Different icons that represent fruits and vegetables are stamped across food labels, bags, business cards, clothing, and other promotional materials. The versatile technique is cheaper for production and represents a hand-made quality.

Thesis + Final Project: September 2011 – June 2012